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Don't give your hard earned dollars to huge corporations that spend who hate you, and who make contributions to establishments that go against your values. These companies are true America First companies. I've tried all of them and we highly recommend. 

Patriot Mobile is America’s ONLY Christian conservative wireless provider. Since 2013, Patriot Mobile has given Americans a conservative alternative for their cell service by providing dependable nationwide coverage on 4G or 5G networks and exceptional U.S.-based customer support. Patriot Mobile gives a portion of every dollar earned to support organizations that align with our Four Pillars of Giving:

  • First Amendment

  • Second Amendment

  • Sanctity of Life

  • Military, Veterans, and First Responder Heroes

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...especially great food. Due to a broken food system that inflates prices and imports poor quality meat, America’s tables haven’t been full of great food for a while. Good Ranchers was founded by Ben and Corley Spell as a result of their search for honest and quality food to feed their growing family.

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Tax Network USA is a full service tax resolution firm that can handle almost any IRS and State tax issue. Our team is always ready to provide clients with answers who’ve been impacted by unfiled tax returns, audits, wage garnishments, bank levies, liens, asset seizures and other challenges.

Our mission is to provide a high quality, personalized customer service experience through the tax resolution process. We provide our clients with peace of mind by alleviating them of the burden of dealing with IRS & State Tax authorities all while saving significant time, money, and frustration in the process.

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